Vita Start: 4-fold protection in the starting phase!

Young calves are confronted with various changes in the starting phase. A new environment, new group and different stable climate entail the necessary health risks. Vita Start offers the extra support precisely in this difficult period to be able to cope with existing risks:

4-fold protection

1. Active against bacteria: Vita Start contains organic acids that have an antibacterial effect on the gut level and therefore ensure an optimal gut flora;

2. Binds toxins: Vita Start contains a combination of natural substances and vitamins that ensure that substances with a negative effect are neutralized;

3. Protects the intestinal wall: Vita Start stimulates the development of the intestinal wall so that the calf has better protection against harmful bacteria.

4. Increases resistance: Vita Start provides an additional increase in resistance, so that the calf develops a better defense against diseases.

Immediately applicable

You can use the Vita Start directly from the first milk feed to support the vitality and resistance of the fasting calf.

Optimal work efficiency

Vita Start has been developed for maximum ease of work. Because of the 4-fold protection in 1 product, you do not have to carry separate adjustment products.

Recommended dosage

3 grams per calf per diet for 14 days.

Notes for use

Vita Start dissolving in lukewarm / warm water shortly before starting to make the calf milk. Keep stirring to prevent sediment.

Contact your calf specialist for the correct application of this product.

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