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  • Muesli's en mengvoeders
  • Muesli's en mengvoeders
  • Muesli's en mengvoeders

Muesli and roughage for high quality veal

The complete muesli is an optimal combination of  raw materials with high nutrient content and a good structure for a stable rumen environment. Hence, microbes can develop stably and quietly. A well-developed rumen produces high quality protein that is easily digestible and able to replace a part of the calf milk. This aims for maximum efficiency and health for the animal. The investment for the farmer in labor remains limited.

Alpuro program

Tentego has the Alpuro compound feed program in range. Developed feeds especially for calves, perfectly suited to feed in addition to calf milk.

Alpuro feeders:

  • Have a positive effect on day growth and feed conversion
  • Are tasty and easily digestible
  • Have a constant and low iron content through strict quality control during production
  • Are suitable for storage in silo's
  • Are suitable for automatic feeding 
  • Meet the requirements of GMP +, ISO and Safety Guard
  • Ensure a good predictability of meat color through strict raw material selection

Contact your calf specialist for more information. 

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