The Tentofeed programme

Tentego has many years’ experience in producing high-quality veal calf milk. Based on this experience, new developments and thorough research, Tentego has created a range of veal calf milk for your needs and specific farming conditions.

Whether you choose safe growth or fast growth, Tentofeed feeds offer high yields at a low cost!

Contact your calf specialist for more information. 

Tentofeed 1

Complete starter milk based on high-quality dairy and vegetable ingredients for a quick start.

Tentofeed 1 51%

Complete starter milk with 51% skim milk powder for a safe start.

Tentofeed 2

51% fattening milk with 51% skim milk powder, fed in combination with Tentofeed 3 or Tentofeed 7.

Tentofeed 3

Fattening milk with high-quality dairy ingredients, excellent for a safe fattening period with high growth.

Tentofeed 7

Fattening milk based on easily digestible dairy and vegetable ingredients, resulting in a low cost per kilogramme of growth.

Tentofeed 15

Unique complete fattening milk with specifically selected quality ingredients, for high growth at the lowest cost.
Tentego’s fattening milks are produced according to the highest quality and food safety standards. These have been implemented in the quality programme named Safety Guard. In Safety Guard, Tentego has implemented the GMP+ and HACCP certificate. This has made Tentego is a leader in quality control.

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