Specialists in feeding of veal calves

Tentego is the specialist in feeding of veal calves. Our extensive knowledge and experience in veal calf farming forms the basis for our product composition and advice.

The company has been part of the VanDrie Group since the early 1990s. Although the feeds are largely purchased in the Netherlands, Tentego has significantly increased its share of the international market in recent years. This increase in turnover and the continuous improvement in production technology and range means that we are constant searching for new techniques to optimize and expand our production capacity.

Due to the  the acquisition and expansion of the Alpuro factory within the VanDrie Group, our compound feed program has become an important part of the sales assortment.

In our vision, delivery of top quality and good cooperation with customers comes at first. In addition to the products with a high yield, Tentego offers expert advice to achieve an optimal result. By maintaining this principle, Tentego is gaining the trust of more and more farmers.

Tentego stands for:

Constant high quality
Service & Advising

Our Factories

Our high-quality milk replacers are produced in our own modern milk powder factory in Mijdrecht, Holland. Our completely automated production process has the goal of realizing a low cost price.

The raw materials are purchased selectively and accorting to strict quality requirements (GMP +) from various suppliers. In our own laboratory every load of incoming goods is sampled at the right quality and if the result proves insufficiently, refused. Tentego complies with certified quality standards and therefore takes all necessary precautions to ensure the quality of the products.

Tentego keeps a wide range of finished products in stock through an excellent production planning. All orders can therefore be executed quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our sophisticated "Full Speed" distribution system, every order is delivered on time. This ensures continuity in the supply for the customer.

The production of muesli and concentrates takes place at our Alpuro factory in Uddel, Holland. In recent years there has been continuous investment in this state-of-the-art production facility, completely designed and built for the production of roughage in the form of muesli.

Sustainable manufacturing

As part of the VanDrie Group, Tentego is actively working on ​​sustainability and climate neutral production. 

Our employees are constantly trained in the field of (food) safety, microbiology, animal welfare and safe working. This is done, among other things, trough the Safetey Guard Academy e-learning portal.

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